The Pocket MBA: A Woman's Playbook for Succeeding in Business
Packed with research, stories, and practical tools you can apply immediately, The Pocket MBA is an essential handbook for taking your business and your leadership to the next level.

From mansplaining to motherhood, women face unique challenges when it comes to running a successful team and/or business. But whatever challenges you personally face, The Pocket MBA shares the insightful tips and strategies that will give you a head-start as a leader, manager, and owner.

Perfect for busy women in any industry, The Pocket MBA is a short and sweet playbook that will help you grow your business and give you back some time in your day!

  “Jodi has created an outstanding playbook of smart, simple strategies and tools that will help any woman excel as a leader and business owner” 
Shannon Luxford, General Manager, Laser Clinics Australia